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The matrix was born in the folk genius of Bahia, initially set up with Raimundo Sodré and people like him in mind. In 1980 Sodré rocketed from complete unknown to national celebrity with one of the biggest selling records of Brazil, the lead single being a protest against the dictatorship. The following year he spoke out against a powerful politician, had his career destroyed, was threatened with death and fled into a 19 year exile. He and his music became almost impossible to find.


But Brazil has something called "jeitinho", the little way. The whole country runs on it. When the official way is untenable, jeitinho makes things possible. The little way is huge.


Like catching lightning in a bottle we put jeitinho into a matrix that combines the astronomical power of the mathematics behind degrees-of-separation  more formally known as small world networks  with curation...


Our revolution (in Hamlet's nutshell, wherein he could count himself a king of infinite space) being the transformation of "somebody knows somebody who knows somebody" into "somebody RECOMMENDS  somebody who recommends somebody"...


Permitting all artists within the matrix irrespective of where they are located in the world, irrespective of their degree of fame (or lack thereof)  to be potentially found within a limited number of steps from anywhere, by anybody.


With a wave of Euler's wand a fractured and exclusionary artistic universe is transformed into a myriad-bridged wonderland of possibilities.


One might start with Quincy Jones, move at his recommendation to stellar young Cuban pianist Alfredo Rodriguez, move at his  recommendation to globetrotting musical polymath Munir Hossn...and wind up at a DJ in Los Angeles, an accordion player in the bayou country of Louisiana, a jazz guitarist in New York City, a mixed-media artist in Cambridge, England, a trumpet player in Cape Town, an architect in Tokyo, a formerly-famous chuleiro in Bahia, Brazil... ; )


This is a matrix in the original sense of "source". "Matrix" derives from "mater", Latin for "mother". We're a real mother for ya. We were interviewed by David Dye of World Café for U.S. National Public Radio:

Elements of this system can be found in other platforms, but those weren't conceived and executed as smooth runnin' small world curation networks we invented the concept! How to operate the matrix (it's easy)? Instructions on the INSTRUCTIONS tab of everybody in here!

Matrix Nodes

Matrix Nodes